There is no better time than the one you decide must be. Do not postpone.

Success is a choice, as destination is to a journey.

Your luggage needs to be tailored to your adventure, a match for each and all reasons and emotions.

Lasiuly, the only brand in the world to have turned magic into its distinctive element.

Fashion is a beautiful array of possibilities, Style is self-affirmation.

There is always a winning combination: you must be aware of it and care for it.

Hop on board and discover the pleasure of finally being the most exclusive version of yourself.


Tiptoeing, things do happen. If you really want them to… You may think you are following destiny’s path, however, you cannot give up your steps, much as heading towards the

The Style that tells the difference

The right outfit allows you to express your personality making your value stand out.

Garments that make you recognisable are not to be worn, they are to be interpreted.

Write your own story with the unique flair of your Unique Style.

Life in progress

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Sometimes you will never know the value of things, however, you’ll feel it.
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Tiffany: the eternal charm of a story of beauty.
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Two books just about me: Lasiuly Moore!
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Push your gaze, look up to the skies.

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