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Lasiuly Moore
Marco Radice, Chiara Zamariola
Phasar Edizioni

<Look where you’ve never looked, see where others do not see>

Young, beautiful, magnetic, Lasiuly has convinced dozens of managers forced to focus on goals and issues arising from the global crisis. Inspired by Daniel Goleman, a famous American psychologist and writer, who coined the term ‘emotional intelligence’, Lasiuly is the perfect interpreter of many of Goleman’s thoughts, which she cultivates like flowers in a garden. Of course, her speaking and communication skills help her a lot, but there is something more than her words: something in her eyes, in her attitude, something in that red string bracelet that her friend Virginia had tied on her wrist on September 27…


Hands down one of the most popular manager trainers in Manhattan, she has a mission to accomplish.

She loves staying at The Jewel Hotel Facing Rockefeller Center, in her bedroom on the 11th floor, from where she can enjoy full views of the Christmas Tree.

She and Virginia, the spruce and their future projects are her main focus at the moment. Lasiuly has been working on those projects for months, and Virginia is the only one who knows that it is now time to turn those projects into reality.

If the huge Christmas Tree is a thought that makes Lasiuly happy, Manhattan and New York, with their armony, are the ideal setting. She needs happy and positive thoughts and she is sure the spruce will celebrate them. She, New York, and the whole world can now see new and promising horizons.

It is now time to share her story with the rest of the world. Not necessarily through words, or through her nlotebooks, which, however, will always be a source of inspiration for her, wisdom in her pocket, her book of memories and her personal oxygen. It is now time to take action and turn her projects into reality. On tiptoe things happen, if you really want it. This is  Lasiuly’s truth…

A truth that can finally get on the catwalk, acclaimed by an audience that is waiting for its breakthrough. Not just a trend, not just a lifestyle, but real life. Lasiuly’s crystal drops and little stars are opportunities, the chance to shape our lives as we like. Her creations are pure magic. The magic of emotions and optimism.

Lasiuly Moore is a woman, a story, a lesson to be learned. You can see her come to life in millions of women, in millions of dreams. You can bump into her in Primrose Hill, in London, on rainy days, in Long Beach, Los Angeles, or in her showroom in Milan. You can find Lasiuly everywhere, especially in what she calls your needreams.

Choosing to be Lasiuly, today, means writing our own destiny and enjoying the beneficial effects of a dawn, even after the darkest night.

A gift for you!

A cascade of stars and crystal drops that can change your life….

Lasiuly Moore


Marco Radice, Chiara Zamariola

Phasar Edizioni

A factory of fairy tales come true, a dream of which we can all be the protagonists.


Lasiuly Moore is a living legend. You can see her come to life in millions of women around the world, she works magic, every day.

She writes the story of passion and lightness, she loves the colors and scents of humanity. She collects emotions, intercepts needdreams, grants wishes.

A red string bracelet on her wrist, infinite blue ocean in her eyes, a beautiful friend named Virginia, a notebook in which she jots down thoughts, a great mission in her heart and a star that can light up the night: Lasiuly’s extra-ordinary adventure hovers around us, lingering. We can feel it, see it, breathe it.



Lasiuly is acquainted with distress, she stumbles, she falters. As we all do.

However, she faces uncertainty, finds courage, understands acceptance, discovers for-giving, seeks evolution, believes in rebirth... and makes the magic happen. Because on tiptoe, things  do happen.

This is how Lasiuly Moore accomplishes the small and great feats that we call beauty and happiness.  Her deep gaze looks beyond, no borders for her, just infinite horizons.

You can bump into Lasiuly in Manhattan, in Long Beach, Los Angeles, in London, in Milan and who knows where else! She always celebrates one date: September 27.

Spread kindness everywhere, especially among your thoughts.

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