About Lasiuly

My name is Lasiuly, Lasiuly Moore. I was born twice, in Los Angeles, in Long Beach, and I could be reborn again, elsewhere in the world.

A degree in psychology and years of study and passion, a career as a top manager, it all led to my now being a manager trainer launching my own Marice Entertainment.

There is no such thing as random. More far-reaching than fate are positive thoughts, skills, determination.

I glimpse, grasp, create and then make needreams come true: my mission is to fulfill wishes, bring emotions to life.

I believe in the power of attention and emotional intelligence.

They say I have a talent: the art of making things happen, on tiptoe.

In short, an uncanny competence and the natural-born skill of charismatic leadership.

I just think that magic happens if we really want it to.

Two books have been written about my story, and reading them is like to furnish more awsome details.

I have a soul mate, my best friend Virginia to whom I’m bound by a red string bracelet. I am glad she is also a valuable contributor to Marice Entertainment, I mean, only special creatures can join the Wonder Project team.

I have great ambitions and no desire to chastise them: my inspiration and my aspiration is a fairy tale factory come true!

After all, I have no rival: I don’t pick what already sparkles, I love unearthing what doesn’t shine and make it glitter. That is my most precious goal.

You can bump into me in Primrose Hill, in London, in Long Beach, Los Angeles, in Milan fashion district, between the sea and the magic beauty of Sicily, at The Jewel Hotel Facing Rockefeller Center in the heart of Manhattan where I always get a room on the 11th floor, end of the corridor to your right. Or in many other places, during my travels, at my seminars, in the magnificent atmosphere of a fashion show.

I love combining business and uniqueness. Differences and added value, I find them thrilling. Effective actions, that’s what interest me, qualities that may not be described, yet describe me. Between me and you, here are a few:

crystal drops

blue and red stars

rainbow glitter

«Lasiuly is secret, Lasiuly is mistery, Lasiuly is euphoria»

Maybe I am all of that…

maybe I am simply what you needdream of.