Jewel Facing Rockefeller Center Hotel

The Jewel Facing Rockefeller Center Hotel: not a hotel, it feels like home to me now, my home in the heart of Manhattan where I always get a room, the same room, my room, on the 11th floor, end of the corridor to your right.

I decided it would be my New York home from my very first stay.

Convenient for my business schedule, perfect for its view of the Rockefeller Center and the Christmas Tree, the tree of dreams and wonders. But that is another story, to be told another time. Today I’m presenting you The Jewel as the symbol of my life.

There is no point now in having to keep and run an apartment, I prefer the comforts of hotel service. My days are so full, mine is an absorbing job. At a frantic pace I fit in appointments, travel, planning, studying… and creativity. The Jewel Facing Rockefeller Center Hotel is my needs’ tailor-made refuge in New York, that’s were my greatest ideas came to life.

After Long Beach and my Ocean, New York is my spark. Just like London and the whole of Italy are to the world.

In the history of a brand, on the other hand, the geography of emotions is a flywheel of inspirations, ideas and energy. A treasure map, at times. Evocative, captivating, iconic wealth. Something which translates into VALUE. Each detail can speak of an infinite number of nuances. Each shape can represent meanings, convey feelings

The Jewel has come to stay, unobtrusive bystander, it stimulates me, it cuddles me.  In my room on the 11th floor, in the room at the end of the corridor to your right, that’s where I have developed countless projects, that’s where I have grown. Wherever business takes me, wherever I’m holding my courses, I know I’ll be back to my red armchair, my cherished window, to thoughtful Helene, at the reception, and to my apple and cinnamon tea.

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