Central Park: the place you cannot doing without

In the spare time, shopping and New York parks are an excellent way to blow off steam.

Central Park is the largest and most famous green area, the place you can’t help but experience, whether as a resident or as a tourist. 

On the flipside, I love roaming the space of contaminations, among nature, humanity, creative works, escapism. Spaces enlivened by a thousand differences, a thousand stimuli, a thousand promises, those I find awsome. Every time, they resonate with a sublime blend of impressions. I can walk miles on end or sit on a bench, stop and be enthralled by street art creations or let my gaze wander  through the foliage.  I enjoy their moments and seasons, with their changing colors and atmospheres.

I fit into their folds, I let everything inside them whisper to me.

Emotions, memories, reflections, ideas.

Its happy, light-hearted jumble, that’s what I like of Central Park: the stimulating freedom to read it in an infinite number of ways, to fail embracing it all, while finding, each time, something unexplored.

The green heart of New York is a romantic stopover, a playful interlude, healthy comfort and an amazing human gallery to breathe in. In Central Park you can feel like an adult or like a child, you can run, dream, rest. You can embark on an adventure or make friends with Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit.

Sometimes your legs and thoughts do need a park like Central Park: they need to be able to choose whether to stand still or move, timelessly and aimlessly… What I call a STATE OF CREATIVE BLISS.

The footsteps, the sun, the wind, the fragrances, the buzz, the images: everything is absorbing and distracting and I cast off my anxieties.

Putting your watch and your plans on standby, listening to the calls of the wild, processing impulses and urges without forcing them:  a little like charging batteries!

It may be cold and my teeth may be chattering, I huddle in my coat and smile.

Resurfacing, I feel refreshed, new ideas blossoming in my head, eager to dive back into busy Manhattan.

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