Long Beach and the crystal drops

I have many memories of Long Beach and of my Ocean. Memories of my family, adorable cats included. Memories of the wind, the colors and the sounds I would hear during my walks along the shore. Memories of Virginia, whom I met at primary school and who became a friend for life. 

Memories of a September 27, of the crystal drops that came to me from the stormy waters, of the waves that swept over me and stunned me… and of waking up, safe, a few hours later. It was then that a red string bracelet appeared on my left wrist, a meaningful, valuable gift, the symbol of a possible path of virtue.

This is why I know that the true value of things lies in what they represent, conjure, signify. Like a simple red string bracelet and the Ocean’s crystal drops.

After all, stardust is also a treasure, the magic of dreams and the light that brightens up the night.

Sensitivity and imagination are powerful, and it is their strength that makes us recognize and love that which shines, and make what we love shine.

Today, many of those memories are lessons, inspirations, directions. My brand expresses them, embodies them, spreads them. What I want more than anything else in the world is to spotlight the wonder of an exclusive beauty, so intense and profound as to elate the senses and defy time.

The texture of a fabric, a hidden pocket, the formula of a perfume, that’s where you can find the splendor of a message and of a strength that will become yours forever.

You realize you can unleash invisible energy. There is nothing more wondrous!

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